2024 US Trifecta Summit

Date: Monday, May 13, 2024 at 5:00 PM through Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 10:00 AM

Venue: The LINE Austin - 111 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78701

Get ready to elevate your leadership experience to new heights at the upcoming Trifecta Summit! This event is tailor-made for our passionate and dedicated Membership, Forum and Member Engagement leaders who are ready to embark on a transformative journey to develop, improve, and hone their Trifectas' makeup and skills.

Unlock the Power of Your Trifecta:

At the Trifecta Summit, we're not just talking about leadership – we're talking about creating a culture of healthy growth within our chapter. This summit is your opportunity to make every effort count, ensuring that each new member you bring into the chapter is not only successfully integrated but also becomes an integral part of our high-performing Forums and contributes to an excellent chapter experience.

Key Highlights:

  1. Strategic Planning: Develop a solid, aligned Trifecta plan that ensures chairs work seamlessly as a team. We'll guide you through the process of crafting a roadmap for a successful year in recruitment, forum placement, and retention.
  2. Collaborative Leadership: Learn how to harmonize and understand each role within the Trifecta. Discover the nuances of how each chair contributes to the chapter's success and build out chapter processes collaboratively.
  3. Operational Excellence: Improve the operational aspects that are the lifeblood of a chapter. From communication strategies to event planning, we'll equip you with the tools and knowledge to enhance the efficiency of your Trifecta.

Networking and Shared Learning:

One of the unique opportunities the Trifecta Summit brings is the chance to build a network of support with fellow chairs from other chapters in the whole US. Engage in meaningful conversations, share experiences, and learn from the challenges and successes of others. This interconnected community of leaders will not only broaden your perspective but also provide a valuable support system as you navigate the intricacies of your chapter leadership.