Survivor Day – Life Lessons for EVERY Situation

Date: Friday, May 3, 2024, 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Venue: Ocean Place Resort & Spa - 1 Ocean Blvd,, Long Branch, New Jersey

Join EO New Jersey as we embark on the most challenging day of training you'll experience in your professional career. Learn trauma medicine, life-saving skills, self-defense and preservation tactics, and develop a never-quit mindset to endure any physical and mentally demanding situation life throws at you.

Whether it's a home invasion, car accident, active shooter situation, family medical emergency, or the most stressful business negotiation of your life, Uncommon Method has brought a team of elite professionals to facilitate an experience of a lifetime.

Self Defense & Preservation: Led by recently retired Master Chief Special Operator (SEAL) Jason Henderson, this experience enhances self-protection education using ground-breaking methods, research, and technologies previously available only to our Nation's highest trained Tier One special operators. Topics include:

● Self Protection
● Stress Mitigation
● De-escalation of Force
● Physical Restraint
● Counter Carjacking
● Critical Thinking
● Counter Kidnapping

The Crucible: Participate in the most intense physical and mental challenge you’ve ever experienced through exposure to training & selection instruments from the world’s toughest military special operations units. Participants will be challenged mentally, physically, and emotionally, gaining a deeper insight into their limitations and capabilities.

● Calisthenics
● Cold Water Immersion
● High-intensity exercises
● Team-building exercises
● Stress-inoculated problem-solving

Life-saving Trauma Medicine: Led by George Sichler, a retired NYPD detective and special operations and medical expert, learn basic trauma medicine - how to apply a tourniquet, stop life threatening bleeding, and more in the event of an emergency - car accidents, active shooter scenarios, natural disasters, etc.
High-performance Mindset:Led by Alex Othmer, former Navy SEAL & Christian Ruf, former 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Pilot, participants will journey through a mix of psychological principles and real-world situations to hone their mindset as a professional, strengthening their self-discipline, self-accountability, and willpower to conquer anything.

ALL participants will become CPR certified!

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks will be provided
Full dinner and drinks will be at Le Club Avenue in Long Branch