Cross-Chapter Snow Adventure Retreat

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2024 at 6:00 AM through Saturday, January 20, 2024 at 8:00 AM

Venue: Hôtel Plein Ciel - Rte de Planachaux 130, Champéry

Join us for an unparalleled experience that combines the thrill of wnter activities in the Swiss Alps with cutting-edge business insights from world-renowned expert, Alex Osterwalder.
This retreat isn't just a break from your routine; it's a transformative journey aimed at equipping you with the tools to build and lead resilient organizations.

 About the event Engage in an immersive half-day workshop with Alex Osterwalder to uncover the secrets of building invincible companies.

#SHARE: Elevate small talk to meaningful conversation with our specially designed icebreaker discussion cards, perfect for each ski lift ride.

#LEARN: Don't miss the enlightening workshop by Alex Osterwalder, who will delve into the innovation strategies of invincible companies.

#PLAY: Tear down the incredible ski slopes of the Swiss Alps and experience winter sports at its best.

NO NEED TO BE A SKIER TO ATTEND: Some other winter activities (walk or snowshoe) are available.

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Why attend?
Learn from the Best:
Engage in an immersive half-day workshop with Alex Osterwalder to uncover the secrets of building invincible companies.

Innovation & Strategy:
Become an "Innovation Machine" and an "Evidence-Based Leader" through hands-on exercises and discussions.

Crisis Management:
Put theory into practice in a simulated avalanche rescue experience, honing your crisis management and teamwork skills.

Connect with industry leaders and like-minded entrepreneurs in a relaxed scenic setting. 

Whether you're a seasoned CEO, a budding entrepreneur, or a strategy enthusiast, this retreat offers an unmatched blend of learning, practical experience, and relaxation. Prepare to return not just rejuvenated, but also equipped with actionable insights to make your organization truly invincible.
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Wed. 17th afternoon : Group activities in Champery
                 evening : forum
Thu. 18th morning : Ski or winter activities
                afternoon : Learning with Alex Osterwalder
Fri. 19th   morning: Outdoor group activity
                afternoon : Ski or winter activities
                evening : Party
Sat.20th  morning : Surprise

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Meeting point at Geneva airport, on Wed. 17th Jan, 12:00pm
A shuttle will take you from there to Champéry (2h)

Be aware that the hotel is only reachable by ski or by snowshoes (15 min walk)

Ski/snowshoes can be rented in Champéry or you can bring your own.

Drop point  at Geneva airport, on Sat. 20th Jan, 2:00pm