EO Canada Path of Leadership Summit 2024

Date: Wednesday, September 11, 2024 at 12:00 AM through Friday, September 13, 2024 at 11:30 PM

Venue: PEI - Prince Edward Island

Calling all leaders

Tap in to and tune into your inner & outer being in this Leadership Summit.

Join the top 3% of our member leaders in Prince Edward Island where we will explore tools and technologies AND alternative therapies to elevate your inner core to your physical self.

Explore your physical, mental, intellectual, and spiritual capacity by leaning into cutting edge therapies in health and mental fitness.

Dig a little deeper into where you are vs where you want to be with these great life practices

You will experience:
    • ● Enhance your mindfulness at a deeper level. Learn to tap into your intuition, sharpen your self awareness, and elevate your personality and skills to a higher state of being.
    • ● Learn about our minds capacity. Tap into learning about how our brain is hardwired and how we can re-write and re-wire.
    • ● Expand our consciousness with alternative therapies.
    • ● Challenge yourself with mental and physical exercises and therapies to tune into a new part of your self. Experience full body alignment.
    • ● Find the path to healing and wellness through your physical & emotional being.
    • ● Acquire knowledge and best practices in managing stress, learn how to enhance your presence by elevating your mind, body and soul for full body optimization.
    • ● Bond with other member leaders while exploring Prince Edward Island and experience the best it has to offer.

  • Pre-and-Post-MyEO Events to follow. We recommend booking your travel accordingly.