Date: Monday, November 27, 2023 at 6:00 AM through Wednesday, November 29, 2023 at 4:00 AM

Venue: Macau

Discover the transformative insights of the Scaling Up Framework (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) in an upcoming speaker event led by Verne Harnish, visionary founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). With over 16,000 global members, EO stands as a testament to Verne's leadership, and his expertise continues to inspire entrepreneurs worldwide. Having chaired EO's premier CEO program at MIT for fifteen years, Verne's impact endures as he imparts his wisdom to this day.

Verne Harnish's influence extends beyond EO as he drives Scaling Up, a global executive education and coaching venture with over 200 partners spanning six continents. With four decades dedicated to helping companies scale, Verne's insights are invaluable for businesses navigating growth. As an acclaimed author, his works include "Mastering the Rockefeller Habits," guiding organizations, and "Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)," translated into 22 languages, earning international accolades.

Beyond his professional achievements, Verne actively chairs the annual ScaleUp Summits and holds significant board positions, such as vice chair of The Riordan Clinic and co-founder of Geoversity. As a private investor in scaleups, his impact is felt far and wide.

Join us for this exceptional opportunity to learn from Verne Harnish and gain insights that can shape your business's success.



Day 1:

  • 7pm-9pm -Meet with Verne (CEOs only)

Day 2:

  • 9am-5pm -Scaling Up Workshop

Day 3:

  • 9am-5pm -Scaling Up Workshop



Early Bird (by 30 September)
- Individual: USD 1200
- Team (4 pax): USD 3600 (Member cost 1200 + 800 (per guest) x 3 = 2400)

Regular (1 October - 24 November)
- Individual: USD 1500
- Team (4 pax): USD 4500 (Member cost 1500 + 1000 (per guest) x 3 = 4500)


Registration Deadline:

24 November (Early Bird by 30 September)



This event is open to EO Members, YPO Members, Prospects, SLP and Accelerator



Simultaneous interpretation will be provided

EO企业家组织(EO)富有远见的创始人Verne Harnish将在即将举行的演讲活动中介绍“扩大规模(Scaling Up)框架(洛克菲勒习惯2.0)”的变革性见解。EO在全球拥有16,000多名会员,这足以证明Verne领导力,他用专业知识不断激励着世界各地的企业家。Verne在麻省理工学院主持EO首屈一指的首席执行官计划长达15年之久,他传授智慧所产生的影响持续至今。


Verne Harnish的影响力延伸至EO之外,他推动着Scaling Up的发展,Scaling Up是一家全球总裁培训和辅导企业,在六大洲拥有200多家合作伙伴。四十年来,Verne一直致力于帮助企业扩大规模,他的真知灼见对企业的成长具有重要价值。作为一名广受赞誉的作家,他的作品包括为企业提供指导的《掌握洛克菲勒的习惯》(Mastering the Rockefeller Habits),以及《扩大规模:掌握洛克菲勒的习惯2.0》(Scaling Up Coaching: Mastering the Rockefeller Habits 2.0),这本书被翻译成了22种语言,在国际上受到赞誉。


除了专业成就外,Verne还积极主持每年一次的ScaleUp峰会,并担任重要的董事会职务,如The Riordan Clinic的副董事长和Geoversity的联合创始人。作为成长型企业的私人投资者,他产生了深远的影响。


欢迎参加本次活动,借此难得的机会,向Verne Harnish学习,获得助力企业成功的真知灼见。






  • 晚上7点至9点:与Verne会面(仅限首席执行官参加)


  • 上午9点至下午5点:扩大规模(Scaling Up)工作坊


  • 上午9点至下午5点:扩大规模(Scaling Up)工作坊



Early Bird (by 30 September)  早鸟价(9月30日之前)
- Individual: USD 1200  个人:1200美元
- Team (4 pax): USD 3600 (Member cost 1200 + 800 (per guest) x 3 = 2400) 团队(4人):3600美元(会员1200美元 + 800美元(每个嘉宾)x3 = 2400美元)

Regular (1 October -24 November) 正常价格(10月1日-11月24日)
- Individual: USD 1500 个人:1500美元
- Team (4 pax): USD 4500 (Member cost 1500 + 1000 (per guest) x 3 = 4500) 团队(4人):4500美元(会员1500美元 + 1000美元(每个嘉宾)x3 = 4500美元)


Registration Deadline: 报名截止日期:

24 November (Early Bird by 30 September) 11月24日(早鸟截止于9月30日)